Awards & Nominations
– NFF 2017 – Wildcard Fiction (Thicker Than Water)
– DFF NY 2019 – Best Short Narrative (Thicker Than Water)
– NFF 2021 – Best Short Film – longlist (Only Time Will Tell)

Residencies & Script Labs
– 2018: Heima Art Residency (Seyðisfjörður, Iceland)
– 2019: Fiskars Art Residency (Fiskars, Finland)
– 2020: Calle Lineros (Córdoba, Spain)
– 2021: Torino Film Lab (online)

Laras Reinstar is a film director based in Amsterdam. After graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2017, he won the “Fiction Wildcard” at the Netherlands Film Festival with his short film “Thicker Than Water.” This prize catapulted him into his next project, called “Only Time Will Tell.” This short film was again selected for the Netherlands Film Festival, this time in the “Golden Calf Competition” in 2021.

Laras has since then dedicated himself to writing screenplays and composing music for various future film projects. Rather than taking every project on offer, Laras is patient and picky with his projects and the people he works with. Staying true to himself is what keeps his heart beating. Laras prefers to live a minimalistic lifestyle with complete focus on passion projects rather than doing work that does not come from his heart.

His films tend to be personal and emotionally driven. Both the subject matter and the experimental audiovisual style of his films are rooted in the deep inner emotional workings of his characters. Laras often uses unconventional methods in his creative process, such as hypnosis and composing the music before writing the script, as a source of writing inspiration.