Laras Reinstar is a graduate film director from the Netherlands Film Academy. With his film Thicker Than Water, he won the Wildcard at the Netherlands Film Festival. In late 2017, Laras shot a road movie in the United States.
In 2018, he moved to Iceland to work on the screenpay for his project Only Time Will Tell. Currently, Laras is developing his first feature film project.

– 2017: Netherlands Film Festival – Wildcard Fiction (Thicker Than Water)
– 2018: Bucharest Short Film Festival – Best Actress (Thicker Than Water)
– 2019: Dumbo Short Film Festival New York – Best Short Narrative (Thicker Than Water)

Residencies & Script Labs
– 2018: Heima Art Residency (Seyðisfjörður, Iceland)
– 2019: Fiskars Art Residency (Fiskars, Finland)
– 2020: Calle Lineros (Córdoba, Spain)
– 2021: Torino Film Lab

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